Elementary School

  • With our interesting curricula, American Intercon School is the first to introduce Khmer-American curriculum in the Kingdom of Cambodia
  • Our focus is to infuse fundamental knowledge together with child friendly program
  • With great professionalism, extensive teaching methods, and resourceful materials, our experienced teachers are specialist in helping our students cope with their life skills easily
  • Our classroom and playground equipped with modern facility enable students to enjoy their learning in the most cheerful and safe environment
  • We have counseling and health care services to give any necessary support to our students
  • Our modern facilities provides abundant support to our quality¸ discipline¸ and services
  • We inspire our students to achieve the academic result they aspire, make creative use of what they have learnt, and live their lives with dignity and integrity.

Subjects to study

  1. Khmer Literature
  2. Sociology
  3. Computer
  4. Library
  5. Mathematics
  6. Audiovisual
  7. Traffic Law
  8. English
  9. Practical Science
  10. Experiment

Extra curriculums

+ Sport
  1. Physical education
  2. Volleyball
  3. Tennis
  4. Basketball
  5. Karate
  6. Table tennis
  7. Football
  8. Swimming
+ Life Skill
  1. Home Economics
  2. Music
  3. Drawing
  4. Dancing

Mrs. Nary Eav

Principal for Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Elementary

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